Triglav north face

triglav stena

The north face of Triglav is so important for Slovenians That we simply call it The Wall. It is one of the biggest faces of the Eastern Alps. It is 1000 meters high and almost 4000 meters wide.

There is plenty of routes all levels in the face, here are some options:

 1 guest2 guests
Slovenian II+/800m450 EUR250 EUR
German III+/800m480 EUR300 EUR
Long German IV-/1000m480 EUR/
Bavarian IV+/800m540 EUR/
Skalaška V+/1000m600 EUR/
Čop pillar* VI+/1000m1000 EUR/

*Čop pillar is soled only with a test route(eg. Smer po zajedi in Nad Šitom Glava)

Extras with the routes:

Climb to the top of Trigav: 100 EUR

Overnight in a mountain hut and descent on second day: 350 EUR

Climb to the top and descent on a second day: 350 EUR

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