Triglav climb over the valley of seven lakes

Triglav climb over the valley of the seven lakes is the most diverse one, but also the longest. The start of the trail is high above Bohinj lake on Blato meadow. There are some options of start points lower in the valley, but driving up gives us much better scenery and covering some of the height difference with car will be helpful on this long trek.

On the first day we approach the hut by the seven lakes over alpine meadows. After lunch on the hut(tap water) we continue up the valley to Dolic hut, where we will stay overnight. We cover almost 20 kilometers distance on that day and deal with 1500 height meters. It will take us between 7-9 hours to reach Dolic hut from Blato meadow.

On the second day it starts easy on an old military trail for an hour. Than the via ferrata is waiting for us. To ascend Triglav it takes around 3 hours from Dolic hut. Descent goes to Planika hut, Vodnikov dom(tap water) and across alpine meadows back to our car. As there are some longer ascents also on the way down it takes around 7 hours to reach our car from the top of the mountain. That means that the day is around 10 hours long.

We will start the climb around 8 am and you will be down in the valley around 6 pm on the second day.

Half board(diner, breakfast and sleeping) on the mountain hut is 50€, beer is 4,5€, 1,5 litre of water is 4,4€, 0,5 litre of water is 2,3€… Usually guests spend between 50-60€ per person on the hut, where we spend the nigh. Dishes that are offered for lunch on the huts on the way are ranging between 5-9€ for dish.

You will find the equipment list for the climb here:

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