Triglav climb from Krma valley- the easiest way

There are three Alpine valleys that are going bellow Triglav from Mojstrana. Krma is the southeast of them and for most of people, that climb Triglav regularly that is the easiest ascent. We are ascending that route on all our group and winter ascents of the mountain.


The route to Triglavski dom is 7,3 kilometres long and it gradually ascends 1550 height meters. Usually it takes us around 5 hours to reach the hut. There is water spring half way up the mountain, so you can start the hike with 1 or 1,5 litre of water and some snacks for the way.

From Triglavski dom to the top of Triglav we need to ascend another 400 height meters, but because of exposed terrain(via ferata) ascend and descend together usually takes between 3-4 hours.


Descend back down from the hut to the valley takes around 4 hours.

If the weather allows us we climb to the top of Triglav on the first day, as that way is easier for most of the guests. That means that you will start the climb around 8 am and you will be down in the valley around 1 pm on the second day.


If there are possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, we will start the hike around noon on day 1 and ascend the top of Triglav on the second day. That means you will be down in the valley around 5pm on the second day.

As we can’t predict the weather too far in advance you will get the time of departure on your email a day or two before the climb.


Half board(diner, breakfast and sleeping) on the mountain hut is 60€, sheets are 6€, beer is 6€, 1,5 litre of water is 5€, 0,5 litre of water is 3€… Usually guests spend around 70€ per person on the hut. Here is price list from Triglavski dom:

Hut takes no credit cards, so you need to bring cash with you.

You will find the equipment list for the climb here:

You’ll find here all the details about climbing Mt Triglav from the different routes:

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