Without any doubt we are the biggest specialists for Triglav guided climbs on the planet. Our guides serve almost all serious agencies that offer guiding to Triglav in Slovenia. Together we guide guests to our highest mountain around 60 times per year. If you search for guided ascent of mount Triglav, most likely one of our guides will be with you, no matter through which agency you book.

That gives us the experience and knowledge, because of which agencies choose us, when they have guests for Triglav climb. If you book with us IFMGA guide on the tour with you is guaranteed, what means that you get the maximum safety possible. All the guides that work with us are carefully chosen.

What others think of us:

We found Mitja easily – if you search for “Triglav Guides” he comes up on basically every site about Slovenian climbing. He’s been climbing in Slovenia his whole life, has been professionally guiding hikers in the Julian Alps for over ten years, and has summited the peak of Triglav over 350 times, 36 times just this year. I’ve never met someone who moves so effortlessly over loose rock and snow. Even in cumbersome crampons, he looked like he was gliding. And I’m very sure that he could climb his way up to the summit blind folded. Relinquishing control of the logistics to him made us feel comfortable and allowed us to fully enjoy the experience. More:

I felt it was pretty unnecessary for me to have a guide on this mountain but I really liked the guide, he was awesome and I would love to climb with him again! And to have this group of new friends as company was worth so much. I felt so happy and had such a great time. More:

We have no choice… we will have to come back here to experience again these awesome and wild places. I take this opportunity to thank Mitja for his perfect organisation which allowed us to see breathtaking landscapes and to enjoy beautiful slopes, going up and down. Don’t hesitate too much and sign up for a ski tour there… More:

Dear Mitja,

Thx again for our wonderful trip to the summit of Mt. Triglav, the absolute highlight of our trip to Slovenia/Croatia.

I made a movie of our road trip, maybe you were interested to see it, also you have a two second role :-p  Enjoy!


Our guides:

SORN1-319x480Mitja: Our head guide. He is the first and still the only guide, that works exclusively in Slovenia and can survive with his work. He climbs Triglav around 25 times per year, what altogether means, that he climbed it around 200 times in his life.

He is member of technical commission by Slovenian mountain guides association and because he is present with future guides on the school, he can choose the best guides to work with him on Triglav climbs. He guides all the ascents in Slovenia, from Triglav normal route to Triglav north face, ice climbing, ski touring, heli skiing…

Rok: If Mitja wont be on the tour with you, it will most likely be Rok. He is one of the most experienced guides in Slovenia. He works in Chamonix and Slovenia over the summer season and in Albania and Slovenia over the winter season. He started heli skiing in Slovenia and Albania couple of years ago. Over the summer he and Mitja are the lead guides on Triglav climbs.

Peter: Another member of technical commission by Slovenian mountain guides association and current president. One of the guides that works all over the world, but also he is getting more and more specialised in guiding on Triglav

Igor: His father used to be a warden in one of the huts bellow the summit of Triglav. So Igor is another mountain guide, who is becoming a real exert for the ascents on Triglav. He will make sure, that you will feel really comfortable on the tours with him.

Questions on info@triglavguides.com


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