[:en]Equipment list for Triglav climb[:]

[:en]All the people that want to climb Triglav often ask themselves what equipment do I need. Here is a list of equipment, which might help you pack:

  • harness(provided by us)
  • helmet(provided by us)
  • via ferrata kit(provided by us)
  • headlamp
  • warm clothing(fleece…)
  • waterproof jacket and trousers(depending on the weather forecast)
  • hand gloves(it can snow on the mountain in August also)
  • hat
  • sun glasses, hat and sun cream(high factor)
  • shoes(high hiking boots recommended)
  • poles
  • backpack(30l)
  • water bottle
  • medicine prescribed by your doctor
  • camera
  • energy bars, chocolates, other food for during the climb(the longest stretch without huts is 5 hours long. You can get warm food at the huts, so don’t exaggerate with snacks)
  • alpine club membership card(if you are a member, you get some discount on sleeping, if not don’t worry about it)

Booking of the hut is done by us, so no worries about it either.

This is a list of equipment that might help you pack. If you don’t have something of the list don’t worry. Keep in mind that lighter the backpack will be, easier and more enjoyable your hike will be. All the equipment from the list can be packed in 30 litre backpack without problems. If you have bigger backpack and it is full, you have too much stuff with you for two day hike.

As you can see on the following pictures it all fits 20l backpack, so don’t exaggerate with backpack size and equipment you are taking with.

Info about guided climbs of Mount Triglav on info@triglavguides.com

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